Lucille Rose Photography

Lucille Rose photography

Lucille Rose Photography, was founded in 2020 in the Philadelphia Suburbs by Lucille Gorman. Lucille Rose Photography is now based in Honolulu, Hawaii and the Oahu Island. Lucille Rose Photography specializes in portraits, senior portraits, even pet portraits. While portraits are where Lucille Rose Photography specializes, she also does family portraits, couple photos, and group photos.

My Goal

Photography is defined as the capturing of light. Light can not only be defined as something that helps us see, or lights up a room. It can also be the things in life that make us happy. That light can be a gorgeous sunset, or a family photo, or even a photo of a beloved family pet. My goal is to capture that light, and to spread that light to others.

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“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

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